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Australian Outback – Western NSW (Reptiles)

Prior to arriving at Scotia, I considered reptiles to be the masters of the desert. I was surprised to realize that they are only abundant in spring, when Bearded dragons in particular can be seen […]


Australian Outback – Western NSW (Birds – Part I)

The bird world of semi- arid Australia is not without giants either. At over 2 meters tall Emus sometimes remind me of pre-historic creatures, especially when only their long necks and small heads tower over […]


Australian Outback – Western NSW (Mammals)

In may 2011 life brought me to Australian outback in semi-arid western NSW, and I stayed there for over a year. Most of this time I spent at Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s (AWC) Scotia Sanctuary, first […]


Australian Outback – Western NSW (Birds – Part II)

Passerines are as numerous as they are diverse and some of my favorites are: Red-capped robin, , Splendid Fairy-wren, Restless flycatcher, Golden whistler, Southern whiteface, Chestnut-crowned babbler, White-browed babbler, Spiny-cheeked honeyeater, Singing honeyeater, Yellow-plumed honeyeater, Chestnut-backed quail-thrush, White-browed tree creeper, Chestnut-rumped […]


Australian Outback – Western NSW (Waterbirds)

For an arid environment Western NSW has quite impressive diversity of waterbirds.  In 2011 the area received above average rainfall and the dams were full throughout the summer, providing habitat for water-loving species.    


Finding mammals in Sydney (Marine mammals)

One of the most exciting things that happens off Sydney coast is the Humpback whale migration. The whales migrate past Sydney from May to November, moving north to give birth and mate in the waters […]


Finding mammals in Sydney (Urban mammals)

When most of us think about wildlife watching, cities are not the environments that usually come to mind. Typically urban development is associated with habitat destruction and local extinctions.  However, not all wildlife species are equally affected […]