Monthly Archives: February 2013


Old Andado – (Northern Territory Road Trip Part X)

Old Andado lies on the edge of the Simpson Desert, about 330 km south-east of Alice Springs. It is an iconic remote Australian homestead that has been restored to its 1920s original condition. In its […]


Northern Territory Road Trip (Part IX – Kakadu – Alice Springs)

From Darwin we headed back towards the Red Centre.  And since Kakadu was on the way we couldn’t resist the temptation of spending another night there. Driving around the park at night we came across […]


Darwin – (Northern Territory Road Trip Part VIII)

We started our exploration of Northern Territory’s capital at Darwin Botanic gardens. We went to the gardens primarily in hopes of spotting resident Rufous Owls that have been nesting near the Rainforest area for a […]


Beaches without people

Australia’s Top End beaches are off limits for swimming. And for a good reason. If a Saltwater crocodile doesn’t get you, a Box jellyfish probably will. As a result, in contrast to the rest of […]


Northern Territory Road trip (Part VII – Fogg Dam)

Fogg Dam is one of those places that you get excited about during the planning stage of your trip and it still ends up exceeding all of your expectations when you finally visit it. The […]


Arnhem Hwy and Mary River – (Northern Territory Road trip Part VI)

Driving along Arnhem Highway that connects Kakadu to Darwin is a great way to see more of Northern Territory’s wildlife, particularly at night. And there are plenty of eco lodges along the way that offer various […]