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Wildlife of Palo Verde National Park

On my last day in Costa Rica we returned to Guanacaste province since a number of places were closed due to heavy rainfall, we ended up retuning to Palo Verde National Park, coming full circle, back to […]


Wildlife watching adventures at Tirimbina & La Selva

Tirimbina Lodge was a pleasant surprise. Tucked inside a protected patch of beautiful rainforest it serves as a research station as much as a lodge. It is home to Costa Rica’s longest suspension bridge that […]


On the road across Costa Rica’s Continental Divide and on to Poas Volcano

We arrived in Sierpe soaked to the bone. Once we changed into dry clothes we jumped into the car and headed for San Jose. It looked a little bit too far for the amount of […]


Sloth acrobatics

On a recent trip to Costa Rica my friends and I had an unexpected encounter with a  Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth that challenged my perception of a sloth as being a clumsy, slow animal. We were […]


Wild pumas of Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park

Our second day started with a 4.30am hike to the Sirena River in hopes of seeing tapirs taking a dip in the ocean. The tapirs appeared to have had an earlier swim that day, but […]


The adventure of getting to Corcovado National Park

We were finally heading to Corcovado and I felt the familiar knot of nervous excitement in the pit of my stomach, as we walked in pre-dawn darkness towards the main street of Drake Bay. Bolivar, […]


Whales and dolphins of Drake Bay

From Manuel Antonio we headed further south towards Drake Bay and the Osa Peninsula. In the dry season Drake Bay can be reached by a dirt road that crosses the mountains and several rivers. But […]


Villas and wildlife of Manuel Antonio

From the misty mountains of the continental divide we made our way to the sandy beaches of the Pacific Coast, spotting our first flock of Scarlet Macaws at Playa Hermosa. When we pulled into the […]


Rainforest and hummingbirds of Monteverde

Once the wedding week was finished and most of the guests returned to Canada, the eight of us who were staying for the road trip packed our backpacks, rented a van and set course for […]


Bats, birds and crocodiles of Palo Verde National Park

Despite the busy wedding schedule the three of us: Ruth, Peter (the newlyweds) and I couldn’t stay at the resort all week. We were leaving Guanacaste after the wedding and there wouldn’t be another chance […]


Wildlife watching around Riu Guanacaste Resort in Costa Rica

This year I finally made my way over the Atlantic Ocean and after a brief stopover in New York spent three weeks exploring Costa Rica. My good friends from Canada decided on a destination wedding on the […]


Cats of Costa Rica

While not considered a wildcat watching destination, Costa Rica is home to six species of wild felines: Jaguar, Puma, Ocelot, Margay, Oncilla and Jaguarundi. As I am heading to Costa Rica for a friend’s wedding, […]