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48 hours in Moscow – Day 2

Stalin’s Underground Bunker Having visited a fair share of ‘must see’ landmarks on the first day you can now go off the beaten track and explore places that most foreign visitors to Moscow miss. One […]


48 hours in Moscow – Day 1

Moscow is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world, but thankfully you don’t have to be a Rockefeller to explore the city and to see some of its most iconic […]


Provincial Russia – the land where civilization ends

Having explored most of historic Moscow my friend and I decided to go further afield and visit one of the small, out-of-the-way traditional old Russian towns. People ‘in the know’ suggested Gorohovets as a perfectly […]


International Birdwatching day

October 6 is an International Birdwatching Day. On this day birdwatchers in most European countries go out to their favorite birding locations to spot as many birds as they can and then enter their data […]


European red squirrel – changing with the seasons

Throughout the year Russian forest undergoes dramatic seasonal changes. So do the forest inhabitants have to change their coats to match the environment. The European red squirrel changes from silky bright orangy-red in summer to […]


Mushroom fair

After the recent rains Kuzminskiy forest virtually exploded with mushrooms of various shapes and sizes. And off course, the more appetising they look – the more inedible they are all the way to the psychedelic […]


Kuzminskiy forest – open habitat

Further east, where the more developed part of the park ends, the landscape changes into a more open habitat of peat bogs and grassy clearings, before it changes into thicker, wilder forest that streches on […]


Moscow city

Like any other big capital city, Moscow is heavily developed, polluted and busy with millions of people hurrying to get on with their day. At first glance, it seems that there could be no room […]


Mammals of Kuzminskiy forest

Kuzminskiy forest supports a number of mammalian species, but they are quite difficult to spot. Most species that is. The European red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris) are virtually everywhere. They had their young in spring and now […]


Kuzminskiy forest birds and other critters

In 2012 I spent most of summer and early autumn in Moscow and made frequent forays in to the park. In summer it was even more impressive than in winter. The lush canopy blocked out […]


Pine forests of Dresna

My cousin has a summer house near a small town of Dresna about 2hr drive south east from Moscow. I visited them there for a weekend in early July and took the chance to have […]


Moscow zoo in winter

Moscow zoo is a very quiet place in winter. Most animals prefer to stay in their dens indoors, leaving rows after rows of empty outdoors enclosures. Most of the activity in winter is centered around […]


Kyzminskiy forest in winter

Kuzminskiy forest in one of the biggest ‘green islands’ in Moscow. It lies within the Moscow River watershed and spans over 1000 hectares. Goledjanka River that runs through the entire territory of the forest was […]