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Hermit’s cave – Part II

Unlike mammals that are shy and primarily nocturnal, birds and reptiles are much easier to see in their native habitat and the Old Abbot’s cave provides plenty of habitat for a wide range of species […]


Hermit’s cave – Part I

There is a cave in the forested mountains of Western Thailand not far from the Burmese border, where a lone Buddhist monk lives, spending his days pondering on the meaning of life. He is known […]


Olive-backed sunbird

The Olive-backed sunbird (Cinnyris jugularis), also known as the Yellow-bellied sunbird, is one of the most common birds in rural Kachanaburi. These tiny birds feed largely on nectar and feel completely at home in village gardens. This […]


Moths of Thailand

After dark the butterflies are replaced by moths that are as diverse in terms of species richness as their diurnal cousins. Some of the more visually striking species belong to the Hawkmoth family. The name comes […]


Thailand’s butterflies

The diversity of butterfly species in Thailand is astounding. There is no need to travel to a National Park in order to see some striking individuals. I photographed over a dozen of species in a single […]


Mu Ko Chang Marine National Park

We caught a bus from Hua Hin to Trat and then the following morning a ferry to Ko Chang. While having a breakfast in Trat we witnessed a bit of a natural spectacle when a […]


Kaeng Krachan National Park

From Khao Sam Roy Yot we headed to Kaeng Krachan – Thailand’s largest national park where we spent the next 4 nights. There are two camping sites at Kaeng Krachan: Ban Krang a few kilometers from […]


Khao Sam Roy Yot

In April 2010 two of my good friends from Canada visited me in Thailand and we spent two weeks exploring three of Thailand’s National parks: Khao Sam Roy Yot, Kaeng Krachan and Ko Chang Island. […]


Snakes and bat caves of Khao Yai

Another trip to Khao Yai in the wet season. This time I stayed in Green Leaf for a week and made a number of trips to the park and surrounding bat caves. I also met […]


Thung Chang Protected Area, Western Thailand

Thung Chang Protected Area lies adjacent to Sai Yok National Park and the Western Forest Complex. We visited the area in June 2009 for a night of camping. The owners of the only house inside the protected area […]