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Wild cats on the Roof of the World

I stepped out of the car into complete darkness and was immediately chilled to the bone. The car thermometer showed 6 degrees, but it was probably closer to zero, factoring in the windchill. Here on […]


Costa Rica. Stop 6: Corcovado National Park – Days 2 & 3

Our second day started with a 4.30am hike to the Sirena River in hopes of seeing tapirs taking a dip in the ocean. The tapirs appeared to have had an earlier swim that day, but […]


Cats of Costa Rica

While not considered a wildcat watching destination, Costa Rica is home to six species of wild felines: Jaguar, Puma, Ocelot, Margay, Oncilla and Jaguarundi. As I am heading to Costa Rica for a friend’s wedding, […]


Manul – the lone steppe wonderer

Manul or the Pallas cat (Otocolobus manul) is one of the most fiercely independent and enigmatic members of the feline family. No bigger than a domestic cat, it greets the world with an intense predator’s […]


In search of the Flat-headed cat – quest fulfilled

On my last day in Kinabatangan, I decided to make the most of the time I had left and joined a morning river cruise. After a night spent on the river, 6 am start did […]


In search of the Flat-headed cat – Day 1

Deep in the ancient jungle of Malaysian Borneo, trapped in the narrow stretch of forest between the endless sea of oil-palm plantations and the Kinabatangan River, one of the world’s rarest and least known felines […]


Snow leopard inspires unique alliances between science and religion in Tibet

Science and religion have historically been at odds as they offered competing views of the world. But now, in the age of rapidly expanding human population and just as rapidly disappearing biodiversity some unlikely alliances […]


Iberian lynx threatened by climate change

  The Iberian lynx – one of the world’s rarest wild cats may disappear from the face of the earth within the next 50 years, despite millions of dollars spent on conservation efforts. In the […]


South African Road trip (Part IV – Kruger National Park and surrounding sanctuaries)

Day 15 – Johannesburg – Kapama. Overnight at Timbawati Lodge We spent most of the day driving from Johannesburg towards Kruger National Park. The last part of the drive took us through some spectacular mountainous […]


South African Road trip (Part V – Kruger safari)

Day 20: February 21st ~ Johannesburg – Kruger National Park (Viva Safari) The ‘business’ part of the trip being finished Duk and I headed back to Kruger for a few days. To make things easier […]