Cats of Istanbul


Istanbul cats are not house cats, nor are they strays. They are members of the community, a quintessential detail in the fabric of the city. While they do not belong to anyone, they seem to be cared for by everyone. It is a common sight to see the Turks doling out kibble to the expecting mobs of moggies on the streets

Coastal guard

Coastal guard on the Bosphorus 

Coastal kitty

Coastal kitty on the Bosphorus

Istanbul's Mr Mustache competition winner

Istanbul’s Mr Mustache competition winner, back streets of Sultanahmet

Hanging out

Hanging out in Sultanahmet park


Tomcat in the Blue Mosque neighbourhood

Feeding time at the zoo

Feeding time at the zoo, Sultanahmet park

Devout kitty

Devout kitty at Firuz Aga Mosque

Worship me

Worship me, Archaeological museum courtyard

Every cafe is a cat cafe in Istanbul

Every cafe is a cat cafe in Istanbul, Balat

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