Costa Rica gallery

Puma, Corcovado National ParkPuma cub, Corcovado National ParkTwo-toed sloth, Tirimbina Two-toed sloth, Monteverde National ParkTwo-toed sloth, Tirimbina Biological StationThree-toed sloth, Manuel Antonio National ParkThree-toed sloth, Manuel Antonio National ParkKinkajour, Manuel AntonioCrab-eating raccoon, Manuel Antonio National ParkWhite-nosed coati, Corcovado National ParkWhite-nosed coaties, Corcovado National ParkWhite-nosed coati, Corcovado National ParkFour-eyed opossum, Damas Island, Manuel AntonioWoolly opossum, La Selva Biological StationMexican hairy dwarf porcupine,Monteverde National ParkTamandua, Corcovado National ParkSilky anteater, Damas island, Manuel AntonioBaird's tapir, Corcovado National ParkWhite-collared peccary, Corcovado National ParkVariegated squirrel, GuanacasteSpider monkey, Corcovado National ParkSquirrel monkey,  Corcovado National ParkMantled howler monkey, Manuel Antonio National ParkWhite-throated capuchin, Damas IslandWhite-throated capuchin, Palo Verde National ParkBrazilian long-nosed bat, Palo Verde National ParkHonduran white bats, La Selva Biological StationTent-making bat, Corcovado National ParkWhite-tailed deerSpotted dolphins, Drake BaySpotted dolphins, Drake BayHumpback whale, Drake BayHumpback whale, Drake BayBlack-mandibled toucan and Green iguanaKeel billed toucanCollared aracarisScarlet macaw, Corcovado National ParkGreen Violet-ear, Monteverde National ParkCoppery-crowned emerald, Monteverde National ParkCoppery-crowned emerald, Monteverde National ParkGreen-crowned brilliant, Monteverde National ParkGreen-crowned briliant, Monteverde National ParkPurple throated mountain gem female, Monteverde National ParkPurple throated mountain gem, Monteverde National ParkBroad-billed motmot, La Selva Biological StationWhite-fronted nun birdPale-billed woodpecker, Corcovado National ParkWoodpeckerCrested caracaraYellow caracara, Corcovado National ParkBlack voltureCommon black hawk, Corcovado National ParkCommon pauraque, Corcovado National ParkGreat curassow, Corcovado National ParkGrove-billed AniCherrie's tanager, Drake BayBlack-throated trogon, Corcovado National ParkTrogon, Corcovado National ParkBlue-crowned manakin, Corcovado National ParkGreat kiskadee, GuanacasteWhite-throated magpie jay, GuanacasteImmature Little blue heron, Palo Verde National ParkBlack-crowned night heron, Palo Verde National ParkJaburisJubiruGreen heron, Palo Verde National ParkDouble-striped thickneeNorthern jacanaMangrove swallow, Palo Verde National ParkGreen kingfisher, Palo Verde National ParkRinged kingfisher, Palo Verde National ParkRed-eye tree frog, La Selva Biological StationStrawberry poison frogStrawberry poison frogGreen and black poison dart frog, Tirimbina ReserveMasked tree frog, Manuel AntonioDSC_6543-as-Smart-Object-1.jpgglass frog, Tirimbina ReserveStream frog, Monteverde National ParkBrilliant forest frogCommon rain frogDSC_6534-as-Smart-Object-1.jpgbroad-headed rain frogBrilliant forest frogDSC_6568-as-Smart-Object-1.jpgFer de lance, Corcovado National ParkEyelash pit viper, Corcovado National ParkMangrove boa, Damas Island, Manuel AntonioTiger snake, Corcovado National ParkRoad guard consuming-its-lunch, Corcovado National ParkCat snake or False Fer de lanceUnknown lizard, GuanacasteDeppi's whiptail, GuanacasteRose-bellied spiny lizard, GuanacasteGreen iguanaYoung green iguana, GuanacasteCtenosaur, GuanacasteCommon basilisk, Palo Verde National ParkSleeping lizard, La Selva Biological StationAmerican crocodile, Palo Verde National ParkAmerican crocodile, Palo Verde National ParkAmerican crocodile, Palo Verde National ParkTarantula, Monteverde National ParkSleeping butterly, La Selva Biological StationGlass wing butterfly, La Selva Biological StationSleeping butterflyCanyonCloud forest, Monteverde National ParkCloud forest, Monteverde National ParkRoad through the cloudsPoas volcanoPoas volcanoManuel Antonio National ParkManuel Antonio National ParkTamarindo beach, GuanacasteView of Arenal volcano from Monteverde National ParkDeserted beach, Drake BayOld growth forest, Corcovado National ParkChampagne glass mushrooms, Corcovado National ParkBeach, Corcovado National ParkSirena river, Corcovado National ParkDriftwood beach at Puma Valley, Corcovado National ParkSunset, Corcovado National Park