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Cats of Istanbul

Istanbul cats are not house cats, nor are they strays. They are members of the community, a quintessential detail in the fabric of the city. While they do not belong to anyone, they seem to […]


Birds of Istanbul

While Istanbul trip was not aimed at finding wildlife, there were enough birds that were impossible to miss. The most obvious birds in Istanbul are the seagulls. Hundreds if not thousands of them circle above the ancient […]


Old streets of Istanbul

One of my favorite things to do in Istanbul was getting lost in a maze of its old streets. Riding a tram to the last stop just to end up in a new and unfamiliar […]


Ottoman Golden Century: the age of Sultan Suleiman

One of the most interesting characters in the Ottoman history was Sultan Suleiman (1520 – 1566).   A true leader, he personally led his army on numerous military conquests, took a hands on approach to all matters of […]


Ottoman Istanbul: Topkapi Palace

Having explored Byzantine Constantinople I could now concentrate on the Ottoman Istanbul. And what is a better place for the introduction to the Ottoman Empire than the Topkapi Palace – the power seat of the sultans from which they […]


On the trail of Constantinople

Exploring Byzantine Constantinople in the modern day Istanbul is a fascinating journey of discovering Ancient Rome in the cultural center of the Ottoman Empire, of moving back through time into the deeper layers of the […]


Exploring Istanbul: First impressions

If the Earth was a single state, Istanbul would be its capital. – NapolĂ©on Bonaparte  There are cities in the world that you can love before ever seeing them. For me Istanbul has been such […]