Rugged shoreline

Manly to Spit Bridge walk

Manly to Spit Bridge walk - Manly

Summer in Sydney is all about the ocean and with good reason. There are some spectacular seascapes around Sydney. One good way to experience Sydney Harbour is by taking the Manly to Spit Bridge walk.

Manly to Spit Bridge walk - Rugged shoreline
Rugged shoreline at Reef Beach

Beginning at Manly, the 10km walk meanders around the shoreline past Fairlight Beach, Forty Baskets Beach, into the Sydney Harbour National park, past Reef Beach, across Dobroyd Head to Castle Rock and Clontarf Beach, along Sandy Bay and Fisher Bay before arriving at Spit Bridge.

Manly to Spit Bridge walk - Multi-colored algae
Multi-colored algae

Apart from spectacular scenery, the walk usually turns up some local wildlife. Eastern Water dragons can often be seen sunning themselves on the rocks along the shore. The Dobroyd Head is good for bird watching and there is always a chance to spot a Little Penguin along the shore.

Manly to Spit Bridge walk - Eastern water dragon
Eastern water dragon
Manly to Spit Bridge walk - Little Wattlebird
Little Wattlebird
Manly to Spit Bridge walk - New Holland honeyeater
New Holland honeyeater

Map of the walk can be found here

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