5 Best National Parks in Germany to Visit by Train

If you are a nature lover, Germany is a fantastic travel destination for you. From gorgeous, dense forests and incredibly rocky landscapes to lovely calm lakes, this country is the epitome of natural beauty. A slow relaxing train ride along the snow-blanketed mountain railways is one of the most magical ways to explore this underrated country in Europe.

Germany has an incredible rail transport system with clean, comfortable, fast and affordable trains. Rail transport is undoubtedly one of the best ways of getting across the most extraordinary cityscapes and landscapes in this country. You can book your train tickets for Germany online via Omio. And here is a list of five of the most beautiful national parks in Germany you can visit by train.

Uckermark National Park (Brandenburg)

Uckermak Lakes Nature Park

Uckermark Seen Nature Park in Brandenburg region is a breathtaking landscape of gently rolling hills and lovely woodlands home to the precious 900 years old beech trees. The park is also home to up to 200 lakes, making it a perfect haven for nature fanatics, swimmers and canoeists. If you are an adventure lover, there are numerous hiking trails and cycling paths you can explore in this park.

Why not try out the Trace of Stones route, which can get you to Furstenwerder from Templin through Boizenburg? The trail has many picturesque spots to take short quiet breaks throughout your journey. You will also find numerous buildings of historical and cultural significance and several natural bathing spots.

You might spot a terrapin, osprey or beaver if you are lucky enough as you explore and connect with nature. Uckermark National Park also lures culture and history lovers with old cobbled streets, moors, small charming villages and alleys. And if you love rafting, take a traditional rafting tour or even spend your entire holiday rafting.

Palatinate Forest Biosphere Reserve (Rhineland Palatinate)

National Parks in Germany - Palatinate Forest Biosphere Reserve

Of all the national parks in Germany, none will delight foodies more than Palatine. The most exquisite wine you will ever taste is made in the Palatine Forest Biosphere Reserve. This is not a surprise considering that the region has just the perfect sunshine hours to provide the best conditions for producing grapes, almonds, kiwi and lemons. If you are a foodie, treat your taste buds to some incredible culinary delights as you step out for relaxing evening walks, on castle visits and during climbing expeditions.

You do not have to wander much into the Palatinate Forest before encountering incredible Religious architecture. Visit the magnificent Romanesque Speyer Cathedral, which has been in existence since the 11th century. You will understand its significance as you look into the crypt that holds the bishops’ and emperors’ remains.

Be ready to be awed by more Palatinate wonders presented in natural forms such as the devil’s table – nature’s excellent act of balance. You will also see the bride and groom formation resembling a couple. The more you pay attention, the more they excite you with their natural beauty.

Hainich National Park

National Parks in Germany - Hainich

Part of Germany’s World Heritage Site, Hainich National Park is located in Thuringia between Eisenach and Bad Langesalza in Germany. This is the place where world history becomes one with nature. Today, the previous military exclusion area is home to Europe’s largest mixed deciduous forest. If you are visiting during winter, a sledge ride is one of the best ways of exploring the beautiful wooded area, while taking the Thiemsburg treetop trail is much recommended in summer, spring and autumn.

European wildcat

Your visit to Haimich National Park is never complete without touring Hutscheroda Wildcat Village dedicated to the conservation of the European wildcat. It also gives you a chance to take in the magical view of the beautiful Thuringian Forest, Rhon Mountains and Wartburg Castle on a platform raised 17 meters above the ground.

If you are visiting with family, be sure to take the canopy walk, one of the most common family activities. The 530-meter-long canopy walk is a rare chance for you and your loved ones to enjoy breathtaking views of the entire national park. The walkways are constructed along the top of towering trees and meander to the observation tower, 44 meters above the ground.

Black Forest National Park

National Parks in Germany - Black Forest

From beautiful, friendly towns to gentle picturesque hills and mouth-watering delicacies, the Black Forest is perhaps the most well-known of all national parks in Germany. Originally, this area in southwest Germany was an ancient forest. Today, it is among the most scenic places in Europe with numerous activities for outdoor activities.

It is famous for its dark forests and charming little villages resting along the mountainside. It is also considered Europe’s top hiking destination and home to many cuckoo clocks. If you are visiting during winter, brace yourself with warm clothing as you hike the mountains since the cold weather can get a little harsh.

Schiltach village in Black Forest
Schiltach village in Black Forest

Black Forest National Park boasts 15 skiing areas around its vicinity and 30 others in the surrounding regions. Water babies are sure to have the time of their lives as they tour one of the top ski destinations in Canada. With its natural, breathtaking beauty, half-timbered houses and scenic hamlets, Black Forest National Park is everything you have ever wanted and much more. How about visiting the world’s largest Playmobil park equipped with knights, miniature castes and everything else Playmobil.

Wadden Sea National Park (North Sea)

Wadden Sea National Park in Germany

OK, this one’s not technically in Germany, lying just across the Denmark border. Wadden Sea National Park is a wild landscape in the North Sea that’s where millions of migratory birds rest during their epic migrations. The national park covers 146,600 hectares making it the largest national park in Denmark, attracting many visitors worldwide. It boasts a rich culture and breathtaking nature with numerous camping sites, youth hostels, and holiday homes, among other accommodation options. The woods, the dunes, fauna and heaths in this national park are appealing to children and adults alike.

The mainland wows its nature-loving visitors with stunning marshland, dikes and migrating birds. Take time to tour Tondermarsk if you are touring the parkland in autumn and enjoy a magical scene of millions of starlings converging in the sky, forming an incredible display referred to as the ‘black sun‘. While at it, get to know two of the largest predators in Denmark- the grey and harbor seals.

Grey seal

Visit the ‘Devils Horn’(Horns Rev) with its dangerous shallows. At least 4 meters below sea level, you will find a ship graveyard where numerous vessels that sailed on this side perished and ended up on the seafloor. Learn about the many years of man’s special relationship with the sea and how we continue to benefit from nature’s resources today.

Wadden is a good place to slow down, relax and reconnect with nature and yourself. While away some time on the waterfront, watching the magical motion of the tidal waters, lovely swarms of migrating birds and other animals. And surrender yourself to the serenity of the beautiful landscape with a never-ending horizon.

These are some of the most beautiful national parks in Germany that you can visit by train. And what is a better way to enjoy epic nature than taking a scenic train journey across a beautiful country!

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