Wild cats of Deramakot

Just weeks after our successful trip to Borneo’s Deramakot Forest Reserve (trip report can be found here), Mike – our guide filmed this incredible footage of a female Clouded leopard with two cubs. The female in this video looks very similar in colouration to the one we spotted on the trip. 

The only proof of our sighting is a footprint in the mud 

Clouded leopard's footprint in the mud in Deramakot Forest Reserve

Clouded leopard’s footprint in the mud in Deramakot Forest Reserve

Thankfully, we were luckier photographing the other two felines: the Sunda Leopard cat and two (!!!) Marbled cats in the same tree

We found this Marbled cat snoozing on a tree branch after a rainstorm in Deramakot. After watching this cat for a good half an hour we unexpectedly discovered another one slightly higher up the tree

Sunda leopard cat after yet another downpour in Deramakot

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