Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park
Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park

Riddick’s world in the Breakaways Conservation Park

Located in one of Australia’s harshest environments, the Breakaways Conservation Park in South Australia is the perfect backdrop for alien and post-apocalyptic landscapes popular with Hollywood movie makers.

It is the stark otherworldly beauty of this desolate landscape that landed it the role of the empty desert ‘Planet number two of the M-344/G system’ in Vin Diesel’s ‘Pitch Black’ – the first film in the Chronicles of Riddick series. 

While devoid of predatory monsters that decimated the characters of Pitch Black, the area has its fair share of challenging conditions, such as ground temperatures of up to 65 degrees Celsius in summer.

Breakaways Reserve - Pitch Black (infrared) version
Breakaways Reserve – Pitch Black (infrared) version
Breakaways Reserve
Breakaways Reserve
Signs of life at Breakaways Reserve
Signs of life at Breakaways Reserve
Mars surface (www.nasa.org)
Mars surface (www.nasa.org)

It is thought that the landscape of the Breakaways Conservation Park formed through the evaporation of an ancient inland sea, triggered by the continental shift that warmed the climate. The formations of the Plateau would have been a chain of islands rising out of the ancient sea.

Breakaways Reserve
Breakaways Reserve
Breakaways Reserve
Breakaways Reserve

Riddick’s spaceship  – “Hunter-Gratzner” that brought the Pitch Black characters to the evil planet is parked at the front of an opal store in the nearby opal mining town of Coober Pedy.

This Outback town is one of the most curious places in Australia, famous for its underground lifestyle. There are underground motels, underground churches, underground shops and even an underground caravan park in Coober Pedy. 

Riddick's space ship currently 'parked' in Coober Pedy
Riddick’s spaceship currently ‘parked’ in Coober Pedy

Visiting the Breakaways Conservation Park

The Breakaways can be visited on a day trip from the nearby opal mining town of Coober Pedy. It is an easy drive to and around the park. Alternatively, the following licensed tour operators offer trips to the Reserve:

O’Shannessy’s quality tours 
www.oshannessys.com.au email:[email protected] Ph: 03 59852377

Big 4 Stuart Range Outback Resort
www.stuartrangeoutbackresort.com.au  email:[email protected] Ph: 08 86725179

Sacred Earth Safaris
www.sacredearthsafaris.com.au email:[email protected] Ph: 08 8536 2234

Premier Stateliner Coach Group
www.premierstateliner.com.au email:[email protected] Ph: 08 84155500

Desert Cave Hotel
www.desertcave.com.au email:[email protected]  Ph: 08 8672 5688

Noble Tours Australia
www.nobletoursaustralia.com.au  email:[email protected]  Ph: 0499500932

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Kanga Coachlines
www.kangakan.com.au  email: [email protected]  Ph: 08 82625111

Oasis Tours
email: [email protected]  Ph: 08 86725169

Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park #Australianlandscape #Riddick #Alienlandscape #FilminglocationKanku-Breakaways Conservation Park #Australianlandscape #Riddick #Alienlandscape #Filminglocation

Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park #Australianlandscape #Riddick #Alienlandscape #Filminglocation
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