Postcards from Australian Outback – Old Andado

Welcome to the wild west of Australian Outback – the land of bright red sand dunes and abundant wildlife. The Station Lying on the edge of the Simpson Desert, about 330 km south-east of Alice […]


Bundeena to Marley Beach track in Royal National Park

Sydney’s most scenic walk  Only an hour’s drive from Sydney, Bundeena to Marley Beach track in Royal National Park follows the most spectacular stretch of coastline within the easy reach of the city. It is […]


Grand Canyon Loop Track in the Blue Mountains

By the time we arrive in Blackheath, the thermometer shows 8.8 degrees, about 9 degrees cooler than Sydney. We make our way to the Grand Canyon Loop car park and watch the occasional hikers walk […]


A stunning cave in Thailand that you have never heard of

Phu Ma Dang cave is another hidden gem of Kanchanaburi Province. It is known only by the locals and doesn’t feature on any of the tourist itineraries. The cave sits near the top of Na Kon Mountain […]


Three non-technical tips to instantly improve your travel photography

1. Get up early. Really early We’ve all been there. You turn up to see a famous landmark, but all you see are hundreds of people who had the same idea. Or you want to […]


In search of the Clouded leopard

I returned to Borneo in February 2017, with the specific focus of looking for the Sunda Clouded leopard. The Clouded leopard used to be a notoriously difficult cat to see in the wild. Mainly, because no […]


In search of the Clouded Leopard – Deramakot Forest Reserve

Day 7  Another travel day across the countryside.  A short boat ride after breakfast brought us to the jetty on the other side of the river, where we parked our car two days ago.  There […]


In search of the Clouded leopard – Danum Valley

I have had my eye on Danum Valley for a number of years, ever since I first heard about it while living in Thailand. A field station surrounded by ancient rainforest, where Clouded leopards and […]


Jerusalem Bay track in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Only an hour north of Sydney, Jerusalem Bay track in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park offers an excellent opportunity to get a taste of the Great North Walk that runs for 250 kilometres between Sydney and […]


Return to Kangaroo Island

As spring arrived in Australia, Alexi and I made a spur of the moment decision to spend a weekend in South Australia. And even more on the spur of the moment, we made an ambitious […]


Postcards from Australian Bush – Sugar Gliders

As the darkness falls, Royal National Park transforms into a different world. Flying foxes take to the sky, microbats dart between the crowns of mighty eucalypts, owls hoot from their roosts and frogs break into a […]


Eastern Pygmy Possum

On a recent hike in Royal National Park we came across a possum box and had a quick look inside. To our delight there were two little occupants in the box – Eastern pygmy possums. […]


Australasian grebe

This winter in Sydney has been long and cold, but a few sunny days still fell on the weekend and I managed to get out and about to see how the other critters spent their […]


Escape to Royal National Park

Sydney winter can be quite gloomy at times with weeks of rainy weather on end, plunging the residents of the sunny down under into an equally gloomy mood. Thankfully, there are ample opportunities to enjoy […]


Cats of Istanbul

Istanbul cats are not house cats, nor are they strays. They are members of the community, a quintessential detail in the fabric of the city. While they do not belong to anyone, they seem to […]