River cruise in Palo Verde - Brazilian long-nosed bat
Brazilian long-nosed bat

Palo Verde Boat Tour

Palo Verde National Park lies about 1.5 hr drive from Riu Guanacaste resort. We decided to take a break from all the wedding-related activities and take a river cruise in Palo Verde. As soon as we drove into the forest we saw our first mammal – a White-nosed coati. A promising start.

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Palo Verde Boat Tour

Once on Tempisque River, our encounters with wildlife became a lot more up close and personal. A troop of White-throated capuchins approached the boat along the overhanging branches of the mangroves.

White-faced capuchins

I smiled at their grumpy faces and they growled back. Turned out that the showing of teeth is considered a sign of aggression in capuchin world.

Thankfully the monkeys were quite used to cultural blunders from inexperienced tourists and minutes later the diplomatic relations were restored as the little terrors made themselves obnoxiously at home on our boat.

The friendship was strengthened further when one of the monkeys familiarized itself with us by taking turns to sit on each of our heads, while the other took charge of the captain’s chair.

River cruise in Palo Verde - White-throated Capuchin
White-throated capucin
River cruise in Palo Verde - See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
River cruise in Palo Verde - Where to next?
Where to next?

Crocodile acrobatics

The next encounter left me feeling somewhat less comfortable. We passed a number of sinister-looking American crocodiles lying on the bank covered in wet mud. I was thrilled when we spotted a particularly enormous one. Until it started moving and finally slithered into the river.

It was huge, easily the length of our boat. I thought it was wise to move away from the side of the boat and just as I turned my back to the prehistoric reptile, the boat driver threw a piece of raw fish into the air and the crocodile propelled itself out of the water, its terrifying jaws gaping wide open, to swallow its ‘prey’.

River cruise in Palo Verde - American crocodile
American crocodile
River cruise in Palo Verde - Muddy American crocodile
American crocodile
River cruise in Palo Verde - Open jaws of an American crocodile


Most of the other wildlife was predictably less interactive, which is how you hope to see animals – in their natural habitat, engaging in natural behaviors, as if you are not there. Bare-throated tiger heron stood motionless on the bank staring intently into the water. These unassuming birds are responsible for controlling crocodile populations by preying on young hatchlings.

River cruise in Palo Verde - Bare-throated tiger heron
Bare-throated tiger heron
River cruise in Palo Verde - Baby American crocodile
Mini crocodile

Other birds went about their day: Little blue heron, Black-crowned night heron, Little green heron, Crane hawk, Collared forest falcon, Green kingfisher, Mangrove swallow.

Occasionally we spotted lizards: giant Green and Spinytail iguanas soaking up the sunshine on the banks or on the low tree branches, Common basilisks sitting on the gnarled roots of mangrove trees and trying to be invisible.

River cruise in Palo Verde - Little green heron
Little green heron
River cruise in Palo Verde - Little green heron
Black-crowned night heron
River cruise in Palo Verde - Immature Little blue heron
Immature Little blue heron
River cruise in Palo Verde - Green kingfisher
Green kingfisher
River cruise in Palo Verde - Green Iguana
Green Iguana
River cruise in Palo Verde - Common Basilisk
Common Basilisk

Brazilian long-nosed bats

And then we found bats. Right out in the open Brazilian long-nosed bats were clinging to the trunk of a tree that rose out of the water. Arranged in a neat vertical row they were perfectly camouflaged against the bark.

The reason these bats roost arranged in a line becomes apparent when the bats feel threatened and start swaying back and forth, making the line appear as if it was a moving snake. A very neat trick.

River cruise in Palo Verde - Brazilian long-nosed bat
Brazilian long-nosed bat
River cruise in Palo Verde - Brazilian long-nosed bats
Brazilian long-nosed bats

On the drive out of the park, we came across another birdlife hotspot in the fields composed primarily of Black-bellied whistling ducks and Northern jacanas as well a Ringed kingfisher in the tree above. Ruth and Peter are experts at identifying birds, so I didn’t have to do any hard work.

River cruise in Palo Verde - Ringed kingfisher
Ringed kingfisher

The trip was a fantastic teaser of what Costa Rica has to offer in terms of wildlife sightings.

Visiting Palo Verde

Palo Verde can be visited on a day tour from the nearby city of Liberia. You can hire a taxi in town to take you to the park’s entrance and back. Once in the park, it is the local family-owned Palo Verde boat tours that run the cruises on the Tempisque River. Alternatively, you can take an organized tour from Liberia.


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